Top Band Blue - PVA Mesh 125 Metres

Item Code: BL1T24R
1 tube and 24 refills, total of 125 metres
£ 43.12
• Mesh will fit 35-45mm Dia Tubes and is ideal for use without plungers.One can be used if required
• Unique elastic top band(For multiple tube fit & keeps mesh tidy & from sliding off the top of tube)
• Can make bags up to approx 50mm in Dia
• Oil based attractor liquids can be used in mesh
• Cast long & accurate
• Sink quickly down to the bottom
• Quick to load & tie
• Fully dissolves
• Use all year round
• Best pva yarn available used
• Unique Westmore special pva developed Tight stitch structure
• Very strong
• Anti ladder
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