PVA Mesh 15mm x 5m on a Tube + 8 Refills Total 45m (Fast Dissolve – Spun Yarn)

Item Code: YE1T8R
1 15mm x 5m PVA Mesh on a tube and 15mm x 5m PVA Mesh refill packs. Total of 45metres. Bait Plunger included.
£ 18.53

PVA Mesh - Top Band Yellow PVA Fishing Mesh (15mm dia)

• Very Strong Spun Yarn PVA Mesh Made in England by Westmore PVA
• 15mm diameter
• Fast Dissolving
• Mesh fits tightly on a 17.5mm outer diameter tube and is ideal for use with 15mm Skinny plungers
• Unique elasticated top band (allows multiple tube fit & keeps mesh tidy & from sliding off the top of tube )
• Can make Small bags- Perfect for tightly packed sticks
• Oil based attractor liquids can be used in mesh
• Cast long & accurate
• Sink quickly down to the bottom
• Quick to load & tie
• Fully dissolves
• Use all year round
• Best pva yarn available used
• Unique Westmore special pva developed stitch structure
• Very strong
• Anti ladder

You Will Get: 

1 x 15mm x 5m PVA Mesh on a tube
4 x 15mm x 5m PVA Mesh Refill Packs
1 x Bait Plunger
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